Toronto, Fall 2030
Dearest GrandKiddies,
I hope you have all settled into your new school year and that your in-class and on-line days are fun and you are happy to be reunited with your friends. I was so glad that I could join you on-line for your first day. It’s so different from when I was at school and family wasn’t allowed to be part of your learning circle. The fact that your mum and dads get to spend more time with you, is something I wish I had been able to do when I was a young parent. Your smaller school size with fewer kids and being located throughout the neighbourhood like old fashion corner stores, really creates such a “village” atmosphere.
As you all know I spent some time working in infrastructure and education when I was younger and the changes in urban life in the tens years since the pandemic – aka The Vid – as your GrandPa NoMo used to call it, have been unimaginable. Virtual hologram medical treatment now being normal, when it was an unfunded over the top idea when I was on the Women’s College Hospital Board. Just goes to show that the human species is best in a crisis. The virtual elimination of the pay equity gap for women matched with universal child care has meant that your mum and so many other women have been able to strengthen their careers.
Everyone thought that there might be a mass exodus from the downtowns around the world, but The Vid really placed such a high value to open space, in cities and in suburbs and in the countryside, that it made for more affordable choices of where anyone could live and work.
The great alliances by government and leaders since The Vid has seen new local and global organizations form with a common goal guard against such a global disaster. It’s like the many collaborative organizations the formed after World War II, the United Nations, NATO, International Monetary Fund, and Organization of American States. It is encouraging to see that the leaders in cities and nations still believe that together they are stronger.
Speaking of stronger, I hope you are keeping healthy. You are fortunate that your parents have raised you vegan, you are now part of the solution to a more sustainable future. Your own children will thank you. Well, I have to head out now but I will see you at our weekly family Zoom-fest with all your aunts and cousins. Another great outcome from The Vid, families being apart-together.
Hug and kisses
Granny Woo

Footnote: NB this is an imaginary letter for grandchildren not yet born – apologies to my offspring for the pressure I have placed on their procreation abilities

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