City Infrastructure Can Deliver More

Not more concrete or steel or technology but more community. As I look to feature women who are making remarkable contributions to building better cities, it’s time to move beyond the planners, the designers, the land developers and think about women who are making cities safer, more inclusive, compassionate and equitable. I recently shone a spotlight on ElsaMarie D’Silva working globally to make cities safer for women, not only by design. Learn about her work.

My new role as CEO of CivicAction is giving me the liberty to seek out women thru @shebuildscities. Women like Sania Yau, whose contributions to addressing the stigma of mental health in Hong Kong live on beyond her own life cut short tragically and much too soon. If you know of women around the world who are taking their city forward message me. The wonderful energy that is the rise of urbanity, cannot succeed without women succeeding too.

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