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Martha Merta

I recently had the fortune of connecting with one of this planet’s great champions for celebrating the unsung heroines in our communities. Martha Mayhood Mertz

Martha is the founder of Athena International and author of the inspiring book – Becoming Athena. The book recounts Martha’s journey to establishing the Athena awards and the Athena Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership:
1. Live Authentically
2. Learn Constantly
3. Advocate Fiercely
4. Act Courageously
5. Foster Collaboration
6. Build Relationships
7. Give Back
8. Celebrate



“Our best leaders are like great gardeners. They cultivate and nourish a whole lot of new leaders to grow up around them.” Polly Bunting.

In her own words:

“It had long been our hope that the Athena philosophy would encircle the globe. We knew that the voices of leadership were as out of balance, in gender terms, in other countries as in our own.””


Lynne M Haley, DDS

Date: December 8, 2016 | Reply

This morning I will be speaking to a group in Marshall, Michigan who will be honoring a newly named “Athena”. I had this honor in 1993. It gave me a new sense of my potential to lead in my community. This day I hope to pass this on to another fine nominee. May she live long and prosper.

Thank you, Martha Mayhood Mertz, for you dedication and your inspiration!

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