JANET GRAHAM at Urban Land Institute

Date: 18.12.2013 | Leslie Woo | Uncategorized

WLI June 6 20-13 eventOn June 6th, 2013, high above downtown Toronto in the TD Tower, a selected group of women leaders in the land development industry met to hear from  Janet Graham, founder of Babes on Bay Street. The Urban Land Institute Toronto District Council hosted a special evening with Janet.  I was fortunate enough to be amongst that illustrious group and excited to be there as Janet challenged the audience on five areas:

  • Build our personal BRAND.
  • REACH for the top by being better than the rest.
  • Find SPONSORS where we can – and where we can’t, forge ahead anyway.
  • State our goals and accomplishments ALOUD

What an invigorating and inspiring evening. Be sure to get Janet’s book online.

Pics from the ULI event

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