Amanda Bürden

Date: 11.04.2013 | admin | New York, SHOWCASE

New York City, USA

AMANDA BURDEN Director of Planning, New York City and Chair of the City Planning Commission

Amanda Burden FAICP, Hon. AIA, received her Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University.  She was appointed by Mayor Bloomberg in 2002 as Director of the Department of City Planning and Chair of the New York City Planning Commission.

President’s Medal 2012

There is no question that under Amanda’s leadership, New York has experienced a renaissance with more development of parkland, waterfront and infrastructure over the last 10 years than in the 100 years before it. Vin Cipolla, president of the Municipal Art Society of New York.

Chairing the City Planning Commission since 2002, Burden, age 67, has revolutionized its role in the city, transforming a once-sleepy bureaucratic agency into an activist department championing good design by using zoning as a weapon to enforce her vision. Meryl Gordon for Wall Street Journal (Champion of Cities, Jan 23, 2011)

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